Flat White Records | About
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A brief introduction from Chris Thorpe AKA “Flat White Chris”, Owner of Flat White Records

We have been selling records Online and at Record Fairs since the Summer of 2016, and take great pride in being able to provide a service to people that share our passion and enthusiasm for good music.


Over the past year we have been driven to serve punters with not only the latest releases from a wide selection of labels, but also with records of the past that we buy as second hand stock.


More recently, we have been working behind the scenes to launch a record label. This is an exciting project, and one that will hopefully have the wheels in motion before the end of 2017.


We also work alongside “The Groove Stage” which is a Leicester based collective that features monthly podcast as well as the occasional party, showcasing local talent as well as DJ’s from other areas of the globe.