Flat White Records | The Groove Stage
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The Groove Stage

Let’s kick things off with something very close to home.

Close friend of Flat White and Leicester local, Dan Jones (Deej) seems to have his name on just about every lineup around Leicester at the moment.
This is the guy that has been spearheading The Groove Stage’s resurgence within Leicester and if you’re looking for that perfect blend of underground 90s house and disco grooves, you have already arrived.

Dan has been throwing regular parties at Sub8ten (formerly Sophbeck) for aaaaages and has recently pushed his Facebook and Soundcloud pages. On top of this, there are a few dates for you to put in your diary with numerous events on the horizon.

10th September – Sub8ten, Leicester

16th September – Big Bamboo, Coventry

22nd October (with Twin Peaks) – Sub8ten, Leicester

17th December – Sub8ten, Leicester