Flat White Records | Doing Business
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Doing Business

It is 2016 now. So doing (most) business on the internet is perfectly acceptable, and arguably the most efficient (and lazy) way of doing so… HOWEVER, we all know that nothing comes close to spending hours digging through crates of records, and that is why you’ll be seeing Flat White at a few Record Fairs in the not too distant future.

It’s been a relatively slow process, but the Flat White library is gradually increasing in size and we now have more than enough stock to take Flat White Records on the road. You may think that this is just an excuse for us to get out of the house (and you would be partly right) but I can assure you, the plan is to get involved in various record fairs around not only the Midlands, but also the rest of the UK, hopefully making this a regular thing. Saturday morning market heckling voices at the ready..

The first time that Flat White will be coming to you live and direct from underneath a marquee will be at the St Martins Square Vinyl Fair. An excuse to buy records and enjoy some good grub on the 1st Saturday of every month in Leicester City Centre. None of the regular dealers that feature at the fair specialise primarily in House and Electronic music, so it will be good to bring something a little different to the party. We will be there from 11am so GET DOWN.

Next. On the 17th September, the Nowhere House & Techno lads have collaborated with Ever So Clever Clothing to come up with a Day/Night end of summer party. At the Music Café in Leicester, it bodes to be more than just a jolly good “knees up”. They are also having a BBQ as well as numerous pop up stalls. It would of course be rude for us to decline an invite to be involved, on and off the decks. Click HERE to head to the event page.

Another exciting record fair on the horizon is one that is being organised down in Shoreditch, London by our French companions at Chineurs de House. More to come on this one once everyone has returned from their respective holidays. Either way, it’s going to be a big one with those boys involved.

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