Flat White Records | What’s Been Going On?
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What’s Been Going On?

So, it’s been a while.

Let’s recap on what has been happening in the great city of Leicester over the past few months.

A recent highlight for us was the 2Funky Record Fair at the Music Cafe back in February. This was our first (of many I’m sure) at this venue and the guys there really have a vision for creating an environment perfect for a Sunday dig through the crates. Their goal is to fill the entire venue with record stalls covering two stories, and this paired with a selection of “vinyl only” Dj’s playing throughout the day is surely a winning combination. The next one is in June so keep an eye out. Flat White has been ever so busy with our second hand sales going through the roof on the Discogs page and our ever increasing stock is all due to the buyers not being shy with parting with a few quid. So thanks for that.

Enough about FWR, and more about LC.
The last few months have seen Leicester treated with a few really solid events that can only push the local scene in one direction. The right one.

I’m left with no choice but to start with this…

We managed to get musical wizard, Intr0beatz down to the Sub8ten dungeon all the way from Iceland (the country, not the shop) and he absolutely nailed his first gig in the UK. His music selection fit the Groove Stage bill perfectly and his two hours in that Dj booth was something special. There should hopefully be a recording of the night surface at some point which will be posted on The Groove Stage Soundcloud page, as well as on the FWR Facebook.

Arsaell’s most recent release on Dark Energy Records earned him a feature with Traxsource’s “Inside The Track” which you can view right HERE.

If you missed him the first time around, we will be no doubt looking to get him back at some point in the future.

More recently was the turn of Horse Meat Disco to grace our city with their presence. This event was put on by the lads of Soulclique and For The People. They combined to make the love child that is “Soul People”.

It was almost like Leicester had been crying out for this type of night for a long time. The feedback during and after the gig was all positive and the crowd packed the place out right from the start. Rumour has it that the Soul People lads are already in talks with Dj’s for the next event to maintain the momentum of what could truly be a breath of fresh air in the Leicester scene. Well played.

Alongside these were events held by other Leicester outfits such as City Fly, Nowhere, Lucid etc etc, however the two previously mentioned were the highlights for me. The Leicester scene is really being driven at the moment. Exciting times.

In other news, keep your ears peeled for The Groove Stage’s next monthly podcast which drops tomorrow (14/04/17). It’s a big one from the legendary, DJ Caspa!!